Ankündigung vom 04.11.2020

Es gab leider gestern einen Fehler mit dem bot @VoiceMaster+ - ich muss den neu konfigurieren und die ungelöschten Kanäle entfernen. Die Ankündigung der Entwickler dazu hier:
Update: Neukonfiguration Abgeschlossen

Hi guys just a follow up on the event that happened yesterday.<br /><br />Viinz was working on a new update where the bot leaves the server if the owner hasn't paid and it didn't go as planned. <br /><br />If you're still paying through Patreon you need to get that cancelled and pay through our website instead.<br /><br />If you're already paying through the website and the bot left your server anyways then you need to reinvite that was just a mistake.<br /><br />None of the settings and setups have been removed from the database so it should all be there, if you've reinvited and it doesn't make new channels then it's related to permissions, when it left your server it would have removed all it's permissions in the categories and channels.<br /><br />Also I have added a very highly requested new feature as a thank you for everyone being understanding of the situation.<br />
.voice bitrate <bitrate>
<br />will now set the channel bitrate for you to your desired bitrate if you're lagging etc..<br /><br />Example use:<br />
.voice bitrate 128